Grow from a "Sprout" to a "Super Spud" in no time by snapping your selfie and engaging your friends in the frantically fun game of Hot Pictato. Avoid getting baked by passing your selfie back and forth until time runs out. Apple or Android. Choose your device, snap your pic, and let the chaos ensue!



Trevor Bollers

The head spud and reason that all of this fun and silliness has ensued. I enjoy taking things from idea and watching them grow into reality. Hot Pictato is one of my favorite projects because it encompasses social sharing with fun and energy. I am a serial entrepreneur and thinker, with a passion for innovation, that could not do any of the things that I do without the love and support of my wife Jenn.

Jenn Bollers

I am Jenn and I am the wife in this crazy show we call life holding back and pushing forward when the head spud needs it! I guess I am considered head spud #2 but you can call me the mashed potato as I am the ultimate QA while letting our 4 kids play and test. I am in charge of making sure this game stays safe and is enjoyable for all ages. I absolutely LOVE the idea and implementation of this game and can't wait for more to come!

Mark Ewer

As a manager, architect, and developer I enjoy leading teams of agile software developers to create great software. On a daily basis I design the software architectures employed by the developers I mentor in both technical and software design areas. I also perform task tracking and team organization work while acting as the Scrummaster for these developers

Tim Dewbrs

I'm Tim. I'm a 28 year old kid who has played video games all his life which sparked my enthusiasm for software development. I'm part of the Letter B QA team which means people come to me when they want me to break their ideas or their code. Hot PIctato is the first game that I've been given the opportunity to be a part of and it's going to be awesome!

Stacy Heisler

Hi I'm Stacy and I'm the Mama at Hot Pictato. I currently have one spud and a sprout in the oven. I enjoy cooking, creating, and collaboration. My role in the development of Hot Pictato is the role of the "Non-Gamer". Our game is for everyone and you don't need to be a savvy gamer to play it. I help to amp up the creativity and keep the game at a level all can enjoy. I hope you make it to Super Spud soon and don't get "Baked", "Mashed", or "French Fried" too much along the way!

Brandon Humfleet

Is the head Spud of Shapetrix Entertainment. He started out as a little spud at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and went right into video game art after graduation. He continued to grow while working at Butcat Creations. His latest growth spurt came after doing contract work when he started Shapetrix Entertainment. One day he hopes to become a super spud.

Karissa Humfleet

If Brandon is the baked potato of Shapetrix Karissa would be the toppings. She loves to create art and when she's not busy doing that she is helping Brandon come up with their next idea. The thing she loves most about making games is seeing how the art and programming get mashed together to make something that everyone can enjoy.

Jason Bridenstine

I've been a Software Engineer in the game industry for 5 years and have worked on over half a dozen different projects. The most well known of these were Guitar Hero and Skylanders. On Hot Pictato, I am the mastermind that devised the Technical Design and implemented the majority of the client side code. In English this means I did a whole lot of Technowizzle to make it so you can play the game.