Press Kit

Key Facts

What Platforms Are HotPictato Available For?

People can download their game to their phone or mobile device via the Google play store or App Store.

Who Is The Audience?

The audience for this game are people of all ages that like games where you interact and compete with friends.

How Many People Can Play?

HotPictato is made for 2-4 players.

What are the requirements?

All you need is a little creativity and a camera to take your selfies.

What is the Price

HotPictato is available for free.

Who Is Letter B?

Letter B has many customers asking for mobile services. In order to support those customers we needed to learn the mobile marketplace and did not want to start our experimentation on our customer projects. We decided to do something fun that would connect people and take advantage of our selfie taking culture. Hot Pictato is the result of that effort. Working with our partners at the IC Colab we were able to put the missing bits into place and we got started on the product.